Craps Strategies

Just like any game, having a well-laid game plan is essential if you want to be successful in craps. You can compare it to a professional poker player’s poker strategy. The player who simply steps up to the table and starts throwing out bets with no regard for the types of bets they are placing and the odds involved is destined to lose and lose badly. Before stepping up to the table to lay down real money, learn the rules of craps and practice some strategies on a free craps table first. Get a feel for how well your craps strategies work and when they are best used, then take your best game to the real money tables.


Bankroll Management

The best advice we will ever give you is to practice disciplined bankroll management. Set up a separate bankroll with which to gamble and never step up to any table with more than 5% of your bankroll. If you follow this simple rule you will at very least last a lot longer than most before going bust. You will definitely stand a better chance of actually being successful.

The Field bet

While it is not necessarily a good play to bet the field, sometimes it may be. Pay attention as the roles come out. If you notice 3 or 4 rolls go by without hitting the field bet, lay some money down on it. Statistically speaking, there is a very good chance that it will hit on the fourth or fifth roll if it hasn’t already.

Avoid the Proposition Bets

Proposition bets give the house an enormous edge and are best avoided at all times. It is true the payoffs are higher than any other bet on the table, but the odds of actually hitting the bet are very low, and with the exception of the hard way bets, must be accomplished on the next roll to win.

Take Advantage of the Odds Bets

When you see an opportunity to take advantage of the odds bets, use it. This betting option nearly strips away the house edge. For example, if you have made a no pass bet on the come out roll and the shooter establishes 10 as the point, the odds of a 10 rolling are 11:1, whereas the odds of a 7 rolling are 5:1. This is the time to throw as large a bet as you are allowed onto the no pass odds line.

Odds and Probabilities

Know these and know them well. Understanding the probabilities of any number rolling is paramount to being successful on the craps tables. This will empower you to make good betting decisions in any situation while you’re playing. The more decisions you make that decrease the houses edge, the better off you’ll be.