Play Online Craps

If you are an experienced craps player that loves the action and excitement of live craps tables, great. Craps is a wonderful game for those who love betting and there is no place in the casino quite as exciting as the craps tables. However, knowing the game as well as you do, you may find playing craps in online casinos a bit more profitable.

The Benefits of Online Craps

A random numbers generator determines the numbers rolled with every roll of the dice on an online craps table. A random numbers generator is simply a piece of software designed to pick any number within a specified set of numbers at random. On a virtual craps table, there are two random number generators running, one for each die. What this means for you, the bettor, is that software rather than a human hand control the statistical odds of any combination rolling. While this may not seem like a big difference, in a way it is. When you introduce the human element into the rolling of the dice, you will often get players trying to produce a specific roll by controlling the dice. This does have an effect on the number rolled, even if it is not the desired effect of the shooter. On the other hand, random number generators don’t really care what number rolls out next. So the statistical odds tend to work out more evenly over time.


If you’re new to craps, getting started with the game on a live craps table can prove to be very frustrating. The action is fast, the stakes are often high, and a player can lose a lot of money trying to learn how to play the game. With online craps games there is only you and the game. You are free to take your time and consider your next bet for as long as you like in the comfort of your own home. And because there are not other players around the table waiting for the dice to roll, there is no problem with taking your time to place your bets. You are free to do any calculating you need to do in order to make the best decision you can at your own pace, and you can do so without all the noise and distractions you will undoubtedly find at a live craps table.